About updates


I looked for this on the website, but could not find an answer. After purchasing AnyDVD, for how long the updates are free? Is it going to be lifetime, or limited by time or version?

One more question. I have a laptop and a desktop. Do I need to buy two licenses for them, or one would work fine?


After you purchase, free updates lifetime. As for your second question, don’t think you’d have to purchase it twice to use it on two machines.

Check with Slysoft, however most licences will allow you to have the software on more than one computer, as long as you are only using 1 version at a time (one at work and one at home for example). If you plan on using it on 2 machines at the same time, I would have thought you would need 2 licences.

I contacted Slysoft some time ago to ask them if i could install AnyDVD on more than one system with a single licence and how many systems could i install AnyDVD on with a single lisence, The reply from Slysoft was, we don’t mind if you install AnyDVD on more than one system and we don’t mind how many as long as all systems belong to the same household.