About track nr.14 of Robbie Williams cd

Hello guys, it may that this problem has already been discussed but be kind to me; I would like to know something about this track because it should be 3min 52sec but when I play it in my portable cd player there are two silences and the (of 2 or 3 min) and the total lenght of the track is 15min38sec. The same things happened with other cd not copy protected and I find it boring enough.

I have found this on other CDs as well.

I can remember from the old days (before burners could handle more than 74 mins on a CD), this was some kind of copy protection.

What I have found on an other CD was that at the very end of a long silence there is some kind of message (believe it was on one of the Pet Shop Boys’ CD)

You can always back it up and edit the last track, leaving out the silence…but agree, this is strange

It is probably intentionally, it’s a hidden track.

there are 2 hidden tracks but the silence (over three minutes between track 15 and 16…)is boring. Another good idea of EMI.:frowning: