About to Start Burning DL.. Any Tips? (HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GWA4164B)



So I’m new to burning DL dvds. I decided I’d get things started on the right note. So I bought a pack of Made in Singapore Verbatim DLs, downloaded IMGBurn and got my Discs ready that I plan on making Backups from.
My drive is a (HL-DT-ST DVD±RW GWA4164B), which from what I understand is a LG 4164B OEM which is sold under Dell’s name. This is just what I’ve picked up from reading the forums, so please bear with me if I’m wrong.
Hopefully this burner is sufficient, I’ve heard that it should be.
Is there anything I should do (update firmwares, run special software) to ensure my burns go smoothly? I don’t wan’t to have any costly coasters =(


Rip to your hard drive with DvdFab HD Decrypter using Dvd9 as default & then you could look the following links over. Just thought I should mention that I do it in two steps, first to the hard drive & then use ImgBurn. Before you start though, could you launch ImgBurn, put a blank DL in the tray & Copy & Paste the information in the right hand window in a reply post here.