About to purchase - NEC 3450 or 3550?

So whats the difference, they both look the same in specs, is one a differenet firmware or to be set as differently on the drive? I have a TDK 32/10/40 and a Sony A510, and will be using this drive to rip and burn. I hear the 3450 isnt fast unless you remove the riplock - im assuming theres a firmware to do so?


The 3550 has newer hardware and different firmware. Early results appear to show the 3550 to be a superior burner. As for being riplocked, I hear the 3550 isn’t whereas the 3540 is; there is firmware available from Liggy and Dee to correct this, however.

If I were buying another drive right now (and I’m very tempted), I’d get the 3550.

3550 better than 3540 for burning. But for reading 3540 much better than 3550, especially with bad and scracthed cd’s. The question is - what you need, good burner&reader or excellent burner and poor reader. Same situation with 4550, cause they have same hardware part.