About to Go Buy Nero Ultra 6.0. Want to Stop Me?



Hey, I’m about to go buy the Nero Ultra Software at Bestbuy.

Should I?

I’m been looking at all the different competing software: Pinnacle 9, Roxio, Sonic, Nero etc… and I’ve decided to go with Nero.

I’ll be using it mainly to burn home movies off of my digital camcorder.

A few questions: can I capture off of my camcorder via firewire directly via the Nero software, or do I have to use WinDv or some other program for capture?

  1. I heard that Nero makes you pay an extra $19.95 to burn more than 30 Mp3 to disc. Is this just the O.E.M. version? Will I avoid this and be O.K. if I buy the retail version?

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Oh, and I’m looking forward (NOT!!) to the 60 meg. of upgrade downloads off of Aheads web site. But, I’m willing to do it because Nero still seems like the best bet.


Let me know.


borrow it for free from suprnova.org but you need a b c bit torrent or bit comet to download it into



Go for it! its a very good package, just remember to upgrade to the latest version from the site.
You dont need to pay the extra for MP3, just mp3PRO, so dont worry.

Ben :slight_smile:

ps. When somebody is actually going to buy something it isnt helpfull to recomend they get it illegaly.


Alright, I’m gonna do it. Bestbuy has it for only $59 right now (down from $99), and, Nero has a $20 mail in rebate. So I’m takin’ the plunge. Thanks.


Aagh! Don’t do it!

Okay, Nero is still the best CD burning program around, but NeroVision Express 3 (the DVD mastering program included in Nero 6) is terminally buggy. I’ve lost hours of work and half a dozen DVD blanks thanks to that program. Even the most basic functionality just doesn’t work correctly.


Oh, and for cripes sake, ches, don’t freaking pirate it. Nero has a 30-day free trial. Sheesh.


Stanmuffin! sorry to hear u are not having luck with NVE3, but I have got it working with only the following bugs:

  • menu interaction highlight is very slow to move around on burned DVD
  • background music loops too soon
    But besides that I have found workarounds for all the other probs. To prevent coasters, follow this workflow: always burn to image recorder. double click on the resulting image (brings up nero burning) and then burn to a RW DVD for testing. test. then burn to -r or +r or whatever.


herojig, I actualy did burn to image first and then check it out briefly using Nero Showtime. The first hour or so of the discs is just fine, but then the chapter markings start to get off by seconds or minutes, and in some cases the video loops back and repeats a previous segment. I didn’t notice there was a problem until I had already made several discs that had it.

So they aren’t coasters in the sense that they’re unreadable, but they are coasters in the sense that they’re defective and need to be thrown away and redone.


@ stanmuffin
Are you using quality media? Have you checked your burns using nero cd/dvd speed and disc quality tests? You may be getting errors during the burn process due entirely to bad media.


@ please
It ain’t the media. I write them to a folder and they play incorrectly in Nero Showtime. I tried burning one to DVD+RW just to see if Nero Showtime can’t play from a VIDEO_TS folder correctly, and my set-top Toshiba plays them exactly the same way. The media is irrelevant; the VOB files are simply defective.


Look online, you can get the Ultra edition for $20 if you look hard enough. There’s no way in hell I’d pay $99, or even the $39 you’re going to pay (and wait 3 months for that $20 to come back to you)

Here, because I’m a nice guy, I did some work for you: Take a look at THIS

It’s only the license, not the product, but you can download the trial and enter the key to convert it to the full version at Nero’s homepage. Still, $23 is $23.

OR, if you LIKE rebates, this is the actual product: HERE


If yoou don’t to buy it then don’t look for the excuse.


I’ve been bouncing back and forth between Nero NVE and Pinnacle Studio, and keep going back to Studio. My last try with Nero (latest version) found that the audio would be dropped off chapters (e.g. the last 5 of 9 chapters). Studio also seems to be easier to edit than NVE.