About to give up

i got a 600 MB MPEG 1 VCD, and the audio is Mpeg-1 audio Layer 2 [0xc0], and i’ve tried hundreds of times to get it onto a dvd-r and i havent been succesful once. it keeps on giving me some error and tells me it cant do it. i can post and error log if that helps.
i would appreciate an outline of the proper steps to do this.

Exacty how are you trying to put the mpeg onto the DVDR? You cant put in on as a VCD (they are CDR’s ONLY) but you can author it as a DVDR. DVDLab is the tool to use, and all explained in the VCD/SVCD to DVDR Tutorial.

basically my question is how exactly do you accomplish this? i’m using nerovision express, i tried to just put it in there and burn it, that didnt work, so i got TMPGEnc-2.52, and i used that, but i dont understand what it did or what its supposed to do. i tried to burn the result from that and it didnt work again.
whats the difference between a vcd and a dvd? what does authoring mean? and what format does the video have to be in to be burned onta a dvd-r?

A DVD requires a VIDEO_TS folder full of VOB, IFO & BUP files. DVDLab can author your MPEG1 (VCD) file to a compatable set of files in a VIDEO_TS folder for you (authoring). Then burn that VIDEO_TS folder to DVDR with Nero in DVD-Video mode.

thanks man