About to get Xbox360 modded-some questions

I’m going to have someone mod my system with ixtreme firmware. I do have some questions about it.

  1. Is this safe? Are there any chances it could damage my system?

  2. Are others who have had this done satisfied?

  3. What percentage of games is this firmware compatible with? Has anyone had any problems with games?

  4. Quite a few months back, I was going to have another person do this, but never got around to it. That person told me it took around 45 minutes to do the mod. The current person that’s going to do it for me told me it takes 10 minutes. I wonder why I was told 2 such extremely different times and which is correct?

  5. The person who will be modding my system says it’s Xbox live compatible, but I read that modded systems are being banned from Xbox live. By chance, was there a new version of the firmware released that makes it so you can’t be banned? Or does this person not realize that systems are being banned?

  6. Any other thoughts or input you could provide me with would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  1. Safe
  2. Yes
  3. Latest ixtreme 1.61 boots everything that’s out.
  4. 10 minutes if you have everything setup and ready to use.
  5. Pretty much every one was banned in the last/ongoing ban hammer, ixtreme LT is supposed to be undetectable but so was ixtreme. LT is not out yet
  6. Get it flashed with a non stealthed firmware then you shouldn’t have to update in the future, it’s not live safe but neither is the current ixtreme.

LT is out now :wink: (it’s only out for ALL Liteon drives currently. so no version for BenQ/Samsung (or even Hitachi’s) yet… but there’s a chance my console could be flagged so even when it’s out ill never connect to live anymore simply because if you do get banned you lose the ability to copy games to the hard drive etc which means for 2 discs games like Forza3 you won’t be able to use the 2nd disc at all since it needs to be copied into the hard drive to work.)

which is safe on XBox Live BUT it’s even more important now to make sure your backup’s pass abgx360 v1.0.2 checks etc etc.

More info on LT here… http://www.xbox-scene.com/xbox1data/sep/EkyFAVplppZmkXfDei.php

good thing about LT is that it won’t complain about different ‘wave’ stuff like you had before with iXtreme since everytime a new wave was released you had to typically update to a new version of iXtreme but with LT you dont anymore.

1 i assume you’re doing a firware flash, so most likely not. the worst that can happen would mess up your dvd drive (assuming of course that the modder knows what he is doing)

2 never done it, i like live too much

3 not sure, should be compatible with most.

4 probably different experience levels, though i’d say it takes about 20mins. it needs to be disassembled and flashed, taking the casing off, with the right tools, takes around 10 mins alone. So the 10 min estimate could be the flashing itself.

5 it will be able to play live… until an update is released. after that, you’ll probably be banned.

6 i’ve modded a few consoles for friends, i considered having this done myself, then i opted out because i spent way too much money on my 360, accessories, games, and custom casing for a ban. :disagree: