About to get 712A + TY8X DVD-R

I am just about to purchase the 712A drive along with the Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R discs.

The main things I will use it for, is for movies and Console backups. I read around that the 712A is quite picky with the media it burns, so I was wondering if the TY 8X DVD-R would be fine with this burner for movies/games.

Both will be from eBay



Dude, that’s too much money to pay for TYG02. You can get 50 for $30 at www.rima.com.

Current lowest price for 712a is from Dell small business, $54 after rebate.
Get DVD+R (plus) from rima. You’ll be able to burn it @12x (compare to -R @8x), and set booktype DVD-ROM.