About to buy an Acer 1208A, need a CD Reader for Sub-Chan Data, Toshiba?



Hi, as topic says, I’m about to buy Acer 1208A what Cdrom reader shall I buy?

Am I right in saying that the Acer can WRIGHT Sub-Channel Data fine as well as SD2?

I plan on backing-up PSX games and PC games (that have SD2)
I.e. using a good CDROM Reader to make an image of either protected disks and using the Acer to burn the image.

Will this work, will I be able to back-up all disks? (PSX & PC games)

Am I on the right tracks or should I be looking at Plex’s

I’ve heard Toshiba’s are good readers…what model#s should I be looking for



The DVD SM1502 is a popular choice…
that’s on I’m looking at, priced pretty reasonablte too


yeah I looked at that but then saw a post on some problems with it & CloneCD, tho the CloneCD people said this will be fixed in next version I’m looking at the Toshiba XM-6702B 48x Cdrom now


The best combo is a ACER1208a CD-RW, TOSHIBA DVD-CDR SM1502. I have had these two for almost two months and not one coaster, zero, nadda, zilch, nothing, I have burned everything and not one problem.
So if someone say’s there is a problem with this combo then they suck and cant burn.
We were SOOOO!! trying to see if it would fail on something, that my buddy got the Charlie Pride CD that was the so called, perfect audio copyright protected CD out there, I dont think so, burned a perfect copy.
If it works, ain’t broke, dont change it, this is it, the best comb out there________end of story.

O ya, this combo is really only good for burning, the ACER really does suck as a reader, and the TOSHIBA is alright as a DVD player, but would much rather have gotton a awsome PIONEER.