About to buy a sata dvd burner



I’m thinking about getting a samsung SH-S223F dvd burner from newegg… is there a better alternative that can be found at newegg for under $30?

I read the cdfreaks review but I still not sure if this is the best purchase for my price range…



Hi and Welcome!

what about this Pioneer DVR-216D?
I would prefer it over the 22x Samsung drives.

Or if you want a Samsung, you should get one of the 20x drives :wink: Newegg lists a 203B and a TS-H653N, which is an OEM 203N



The 203B that mciahel linked has two bad reviews at Newegg, but the vast majority of people here in the forums who follow Samsung drives would prefer it over the SH-S223F you are thinking about.
The 203 series was one of the best liked for 2008.


Thank you both. I will go with the 203B then.