About to buy a new DVD burner

I have had enough of the slow:Z and noisy:a CDR/DVD-reader player in my HTPC!
I’m going to replace it with a PX-712A, currently installed in my main computer (and make good use of the “Silent mode” feature.:iagree: )

I’m thinking of buying a NEC 3540 for my main rig. (Woho, a new toy to play with! :bigsmile: )
Is there any reason why I shouldn’t? I will not buy another Plextor drive due to their ridiculous “lawsiut” against pxlinux, so don’t bother to recommend them. :wink:

Pioneer DVR-109 is also under consideration.

What do the experts say? The NEC-or Pioneer-drive?


I would not go with the 3540 as too many people have had bad scans with the initial firmware. I would go with the 3520 over the 109. See my scans and media scores below for the reasoning. The Pioneer is good hardware but just average burns with -R and it does not support bitsetting with out giving up the fast ripping. My Liteon does a better job.

Yet another choice is BenQ 1640, good and fast (both write and read speeds) ie. great all-around DVDRW. :slight_smile:

Note. In US this drive is sold as - Plexor PX-740A -.

chas, thanks for your reply.:slight_smile:

I would not go with the 3540 as too many people have had bad scans with the initial firmware.
Well, if I buy the NEC drive, I can assure you that I wouldn’t be bothered by the initial firmware for very long.:wink: I get your meening though. Unfortunately, my local toy store doesn’t specify which Liteon drive they sell. The one and only Liteondrive they sell is listed as “LiteOn 16X DVD±R/RW Dual layer Bulk”. I guess I could give them a call to find out which model it is. It is a little cheaper than the NEC drive as well ($61,96/$74,37).

I just found another Liteon model at my local store: “LiteOn 16X SL 4XDL SOHW-1673S-01C” $68.16. Out of stock though…

After some reading in the Liteon section I have finally decided (I think:bigsmile: ) to wait a while until I can get hold of a LiteOn 1693S here in Sweden.

@pinto2: Thanks for your reply. I’m just about to dive into the benq thread.:stuck_out_tongue:

You will find a 1693S clone, the Sony DW-Q28A (black) at komplett.se for 495 SEK right now. Great bargain. :slight_smile:

Edit. You can also find Lite-On 1693S (retail) and BenQ 1640 at butik.it. Shipping only 20 SEK.

Lycka till.

:bow: pinto:bow:



Which drive, the 1640 or the 1693S is best for this media:

Manufacturer ID : RICOHJPN
Media ID : R02
Product Revision : 03

(Sold as Platinium 8x for $1,24 each (slim) or $21 for a 25 pack spindle)


Any of those drives are fine. The 3540 will have FW very soon and this forum has done excellent work on hacked FW. NEC makes a dependable quality drive.

My list and not in any order/I would get the cheapest one

1640 BQ version
1693/Sony rebag

Thanks for your replies!

I’ve just ordered a 1693s. :slight_smile:

I think you will be pleased. I abandoned Liteon after giving up on my 832 and finding NECs 3500. Finally, Liteon seems to have their act together with the 1693, at least for TY and MCC media. Make sure you give it a few burns to “learn” the media before you scan and make a judgement. My TY took about 6 burns to settle in.