About to buy a 3500. Kprobe - will I miss it?

Hey all,

I am about to pick up a NEC 3500 from newegg. :bow:
Right now I have a MicroAdvantage rebranded BTC 1004. Money was tight back then, and it (barely) got me into the DVD recordable game.

In the old CD-R only days, LiteOn used to be the best, great writing, and it had Kprobe to double-check it. Now, apparently LiteOn hasn’t kept up in the DVD wars as far as quality goes.

I mostly do PS2 burns (backups), and I can’t do 4x with my current drive, 2x only or the PS2 most of the time won’t read the DVD-R. So what that means is right now burn quality is the PRIME consideration. Speed I don’t care, as long as it’s 2x or better. And the 3500 is supposed to be great at 8x on 8x media. And there’s hacked firmware for bitsetting, etc.

I have a LiteOn LTD-166s (dvd-rom) drive, which does Kprobe, but you here think the ROM drives aren’t reliable for scanning. Of course, the LiteOn DVD burners can, but I can’t afford to get TWO burners, or to quote someone else, “My wife will kick me in the junk if I get another burner!” :wink:

So will I miss Kprobe, or will the burns be good enough to where I won’t miss it?

ps - right now I’m using RITEKG04 media.

Don’t want to be a pain in the a$$, but you can buy an excellent Kprobe drive (812) for ‘bout $60.00. Maybe it’s time to kick back………… :wink:



I really wish that NEC had something like kprobe-


Yep, it would be nice… My personal experience has been that the Liteons are all CRAP! And there’s a argument to made on the value of KProbe results, but I still feel better 'bout burns after looking at the KProbe results.

I had the same dilema couple days ago. After bought the NEC 3500a last week. I missed the Kprobe after read other threads, decided to pick a Lite-On 832s today. Couldn’t being more happy about my decision. Burn and read awesome. No problem so far.

I believe the poor/good writing quality of Lite-On/NEC is exaggerated. No difference in the scans. They all played on my standalones, even the pickiest Denon 5000 ($2000.00) plays them. (want to buy my NEC? LOL)

If money is tight, get the Lite-On 832s first, then buy the NEC later. Who knows, the way the price of NEC is dropping at newegg.com, you might be able to pick one up for less than $70.

Just found out the Litey 832s can bit set DVD+RW to DVD-ROM. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Almost a year ago i got a 811 and to me it was only 50% of a dvdburner. (Should have gotten a NEC at that time already) It’s been in and out in that time and i only used it for cdr. Now it’s out on a perm basis and i have to live without the pretty worthless Kprobe. Guess i’ll just have to buy better media (codes) :slight_smile: -Atm i use a Pio 107 + NEC 3500 and i like it. Don’t think i’ll ever buy LiteOn again :frowning:

LOL, I have one more post than you. :smiley:

Okay, one more, 29 vs. 27

I used to have an 812s and liked doing Kprobes, but I got tired of not being able to burn -rs. I ended up buying the 3500a and got rid of the 812s. I missed using Kprobe at first, BUT I GOT OVER IT. The burning quality of the NEC is just outstanding :bigsmile: and I don’t feel like I have to test every disc anymore. If I want to test a disc to make sure that it’s readable, I stick it into my 166s and do a transfer rate test using Nero CD-DVD Speed. If there are no problems with the reading curve, then there should be no problems with the disc.


you do know that 166 will work with kprobe and will give you graph, it can give you general idea of how the 166 will see the disk.

I was liteon 401@811s user, and was never quite happy with the drive. It is not only the kprobe scans that gave me the headache, it was unconsistency with the same type of media, which sometimes caused incompatibility with standalone players. I got myself NEC3500, and couldn’t be more happy. I kept my 811 for kprobe scans, but after doing at least 20 scans I realize I don’t actually need kprobe-all the scans are perfect! Now, I just wait to get my hands on DL media to test it, and after that my 811 goes on sale. If you really miss kprobe, you can find used 401 and 411 liteons very cheap.


I was given oem 1633 for testing, I work for engineering company, it was decided not to use this drive, but i was allowed to keep the sample I put it in an ieee1394 encloser but the enclose only has burst rate of 13mbps so only will let the drive burn at 8x but as all i use it for is playing movies and kprobe this is not problem. I burn on other drives, pioneer , nec , benQ and I only scan when I have fw update on drive to see whats changed, it is so rare i make a coaster, that i really dont have whole lot of need to scan at all.

I have read that the 166 can be used with Kprobe, but I also understand that the results are not as accurate as they would be if the disc was scanned with a burner.

I understand why people like Kprobe and I can see how important it is when comparing the burning quality of different drives with different media. When I read a review of a new drive, I always look at the Kprobe results first. But I know that the 3500 is one of the best burners available now. I am using Herrie’s 2.17 w/bitsetting set to dvd-rom and I have yet to burn a coaster.

If you can only afford one drive, I would go with quality burns over the ability use Kprobe.

You might want to read this :


Personally, i don’t miss kprobe, takes to much time anyway. On my 411 i used to scan every disc i burned. Now on my NEC i do a transfer test. A nice steady climbing line all the way up to 16x indicates a good burn. Together with NEC’s burning quality reputation and quality media you know you are doing the right thing. :iagree: :bow: :bigsmile:

Quality scans can be quite useful when you have a batch of new discs and want to find the fastest reliable burning speed.

A good example is a batch of 4x discs which can be burned up to 8x in my ND-2500. The reading graph is perfect afterwards regardless of the burning speed. You can only distinguish the quality when you make a quality scan. My DVD-Rom drive indicates an extremely increased error rate when the 6x area begins. So I know that the optimal speed for these media is 4x. :wink:

IMO, the AOpen 1648/AAP DVD-Rom drive is not an unrealiable reader :slight_smile:


Well, it’s a done deal.

No, didn’t kick the wife. :o I’ve done that (not literally!) too much in the past and with 2 kids, I can’t just drop $140-ish on a LiteOn and an NEC both, and it’s not cost-effective, besides.
Ordered the 3500 from Newegg. It was $77 with free shipping. :slight_smile:

Stupid thing is, they nearly lost my order when the price was at $88 with free shipping as of midnight and during the day today! :a

Fortunately, checked at 8:30pm local time, and it was at a more sane price, with 5 free Newegg dvr-rs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now it’s off to find some :bow: Taiyo Yuden :bow: DVD+Rs and DVD-Rs locally to do a test with. Not with my DVD player, the :bow: Phillips DVP642 I got can read a movie burned to a roofing shingle… in DIVX… badly formatted… :iagree: No, to test my v4 Playstation2. Picky b1tch, that thing. Probably will just grab a 100 pack of 8x -R TYs, but I’ve heard that sometimes, on RARE occasions, the +Rs are more readable on some units.

I would go witht he NEC… number one reason you are buying a burner… Burn disks!!! It will do it with much better quality. I have had both a NEC 3500 and a Lite-On 1633 for two-three weeks (ordered them at same time)… The tools (including kprobe) are all very nice for Lite-On’s… no excuse for a lower quality burner though… I personally got the liteon as a diagnostic device… Mainly to attempt to use it to compare burners and possibly use to recognize failing burners… I work for a company… kind of mix of consulting/sevice/systems-seller(personalized machines, not your dell and gateway shit).

If i didnt have the job I do, I would have just purchased the NEC 3500 alone. BTW, gave up a NEC 2500@2510 for the the 3500. For almost all customers we have, I am recommending the 25xx drives and informing them of the latest frimware by Herrie. Some, who really need the extra speed, I recommend the 3500.

edit: just noticed the last post (btw, only one I think I skipped over) Anyway, good choice… I love my 3500… it is burning my RICOHJPN01 (I think) 4x rated DVD+R at 8x with no firmware mod… Great burns. And yeah… the Phillipis DVP642 players kick a**. Me and a friend each purchased one the day Walmart got them in.

If you live close to a Fry’s, they have Fuji 8x Made in Japan media that is TY at a decent price.

When you’re burning on the edge, you’ll miss kProbe. I miss kProbe, because I try different media on a regular base. And that includes cheap media. I know cheap media are usually crappy, but I’d like to know HOW crappy. In other words, is it usable or should I throw it away?

But since I don’t have a Litey anymore, I’ll have to do without kProbe. The strange thing is, I used to have a 411S@811S and a JLMS-165H (DVD-Rom). I could kProbe discs on both drives. But since the moment I replaced the 411S with a NEC, kProbe refuses to work anymore with the 165…

Does anybody know of an alternative program which works with NEC or LiteOn 165? I know Plextools has similar functions (and is reported to be even more reliable in concern to the results), but that also doesn’t work with my drives. Maybe someone has written a generic tool with PI/PO possibilities? Would make a nice new tool to our favorite burning suite :slight_smile: