ABOUT This TOSHIBA D-R560KU-DVD Video Recorder

I bought this TOSHIBA D-R560KU-DVD Video Recorder. In doing my Research–there were a lot of RAVES over the Fact that it came with 117 page Owner’s Manual?! This is NOT necessarily a GOOD THING…

By the time I got to Page 49 --I was referred BACK to pages 33 or 38 or …118 :confused:

Now I ran a small Computer consulting firm in the 90’s–and I ain’t Dumb–SLOW maybe YES…but this Documentation IS Dumb-Founding!

I have comcast and JUST wanna SET my TIMER Recording?!

I Used to do Documentation Conversion for my computer clients and all they wanted to DO…is make the darn thing WORK. I re-wrote The operations they needed to perform ON ONE SHEET OF PAPER and called it my “EASY 1-2-3” Version

I’m getting OLD I suppose. CAN SOMEONE Help me write an “EZ 1-2-3” for setting the time recording function on this Sucker?! I’m on page 49 “Timer Recording” and haven’t given up YET. But someone else HERE must be able to Help me out?!

The trouble is the bloody thing can do so much, you actually need a huge manual to explain all options. :slight_smile:

Perhaps they call it a recording schedule in this particular manual?

I purchased a Toshiba D-R560KU in March 2009 and until recently have had no problems. However, starting in mid July 2010 many of the functions on the remote have stopped working. I tried new batteries but the problem is not batteries. I am unable to access the set up button, the display button, and now the enter button, the skip button, the reverse button and the right arrow button. It’s maddening because if I ever unplug the unit I will have to reset the clock to utilize the timer program but the set up button does not work on the remote so I am really at a loss. I can’t edit the titles and had the finalize DVDs on offf the last time I was able to access the set up button so I am unable to watch my recorded DVDs on another player because they have not been finalized.
I talked to a Toshiba rep and he gave me the part number to reorder a new remote from Fox International in Bedford Heights, OH. The cost is 40.75.
I really think the remote should have lasted more than 16 months. It’s ludicrous how the product failed to hold up… It’s a stinking mess…