? about these verbatims on sale at bestbuy




im wondering if any one has used these or know about these i here verbatims work great in alot of dvd players but they also change there dyes i belive and i didnt want to get screwed

officedepot has maxells 50 pks for $35 buy 1 get 1 free that i was about to buy had them in my hand and noticed the tops was not as dark as yellow as my last 25 pk i bought so i looked around found a almost opend pack so i opend it rest the way and saw they used some cheap ass light pruple dye unlike the last i bought which was ritek dark pruple dye and the first disk i picked up had a huge bubble in it so i h8 to look at the rest im sure glad though that i checked them b4 buying that new dye crap or i would had been out $35


The non-Ritek Maxell DVD-R discs will either be TYG01 or MXLRG02 if 4x, or MXLRG03 if 8x. Any of those media is better than RitekG04. As for the Verbatim DigitalMovie discs, they are MCC002 for the +R and MCC01RG20 for the -R, good media.


so good for movies in all kinda dvd players


i mean so these are good disk and will play in the majority of dvd players without the skips and digtal break up of the pic


How well the discs will perform depends largely on the quality of your burner, but in general the Verbatims are good media as I stated.


ok i will go with them then :slight_smile: just makeing sure i dont buy crap media i have a lite burner in case u are wondering


I picked up some of the Digital MReel Verbatims and have found in my player D22A rebadged 1633s that the +R[MCC002 ] burn & play outstanding but the -R always have numerous stop and goes on playback in both my burner and standalone player.