About the new LiteOn 12x, How we can burn @ this speed?

Hi all,

I just finish reading tis page : http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9474

About the new LiteOn 12x writer!
I am very happy for that, But how we can burn at this speed??
Because I am very interested in this drive.
When it comes, How do you think we can burn at 12x DVD+R ??
Can we use 4x DVD+R ?? 8x?? To burn at 12x!

What about the speed for DL DVD+R ??

And when this drive go to ( Markets ) to buy it??

What about the price for LteOn 811 and 812?
Do you think it will be cheaper than now?? Big different?

Thank you very much
Doctor Aziz :slight_smile:

Im guessing it will probably burn 8x media at 12x but not confimed…the first 12x thats out that i know of is the plextor but that is damn expensive drive.

to burn a 4x dvd at 12x probably would be a streatch with a liteon…nec maybe!

Hi Jamos,

When do you think The LiteOn 12x will be in the markets?

And about the speed, Is they will be 12x for dual format? ( + , - )

And I want to buy a dvd writer.
Do you think the good is to wait 12x ??

Thank You
Doctor Aziz

id say a couple of weeks it should be out…the plextor 12x is already out. but i cant comment on how it will burn.

It should be 8x for DVD-R, 4x for DVD-RW, 12x for DVD+R, 4x for DVD+RW and 48X CD-Writing, 24X CD-RW, as well as 48x CD read and 16X DVD-Read.

Not sure if I’m 100% correct though :wink:

Probably P-CAV writing like the plextor. Probably a few selected 8x DVD+R discs will work at 12x ( Did I hear someone whisper Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R?).