About the jitter problem with cd's



Hoq does jitter affect the quality of a disc? I men, if there are many PIE and PIF errors it will be difficult for the drive to read the disc. The same is true for jitter?


Jitter is the analog signals before EFM-Plus decoding.
PIPO is the digital signals after EFM-Plus decoding.

In general,the relation of PIPO and Jitter is very complex, so it is hard to say.


Jitter is the ratio (difference) between the bits burned on the disc (pits) and the unburned areas (lands), both coded as T3-T11 (shortest to longest) , versus the book standards for writing media. The Jitter can be seen on the 716 in PTP as a graph or as a histogram with TA analysis. The more jitter you have the greater the chance of having the pits and lands decoded into bad data.


So finally it has the same effect like PIE/PIF errors right?


Hoq does searching affect the quality of a question?


Since this is a jitter discussion, I burned the same media twice on my 716A 1.07, once at 48x and once at 32x. The 32x burn had a higher C1 index and higher jitter. What a lame burner for CD’s…the media involved was Maxell Ritek 48x CD-R’s.


I have found with this drive that the media used is the key to quality CD-R burns. Try Taiyo Yudens. This drive loves them. I use a tower duplicator that has four of these drives at work and have been duplicating hundreds of CDs and have been getting consistently great burns with C1 errors averaging 0.5/second. I was using the Taiyo Yudens with the Everest printable surface. You may get different results with different batches of this media as I have discovered. Another batch of Taiyos I used from a different case was averaging about 3.0 C1 errors per second. Haven’t had any C2 errors on any of the CDs I tested. The few beta/jitter tests I did were also quite good. The beta on a couple of tests was a perfect straight line on the 0 axis! I think people are too quick to blame the drives for lousy burns when in fact the media is the real culprit. Yes, it may be the case that the drive is limited in its ability to work well with a multitude of different media. I can’t really say as I am a big fan of Taiyo Yuden media. I have tried Imations and got not so good results on the PX-716A, but then it didn’t do too well on other CD burners I tried.