About the GSA-H55N

Hi, I’m new to the forum, I bought a LG SUper Multi DVD rewriter GSA-H55N, and I most say I’m a littel bie disapointed, because I installed in a PC with Windows Vista and even when vist doesn’t have any problem installing the device the problem appears when I try to read or record any kind of cd or dvd, I try with ez cd creator 9 deluxe and with nero ultra, and it didn’t work, I tried everything upgrade firmware, sonic software etc, and nothing the device didn’t read any kinf of medium, so I remove form my PC and install it in another PC with WinXP and seemes the works fine, it reads dvd with data or movies and cd’s just need to try recording something.

The support in LG page is really poor, I don’t know if any one knows what is going on,

Tnxs in advanced