About the 1633s and reading

Hi everyone, :slight_smile:

So I’ve found many posts about 1633s and firmware, but mostly it seems people are talking about improving writing quality.

All I find about this drive for reading, is that it’s a good reader.
Up until now, I’ve used this drive only for kprobe. It’s writing performance let me down from the beginning, and I have two drives that burn much better.

Now though, I want to use this drive in my 2nd PC for ripping, and still for kprobe too. I downloaded all the the fw, omnipatcher, ltnrpc, and the eeprom utility, flashed it with all the read speeds jacked up, and it works OK, but…

My problem is this, when doing transfer rate test in CDspeed (on +R SL discs), it never fails that between 12 and 13x, I get alot of speed drops in the drive. Up UNTIL 12x, and AFTER 14x though, it takes off again getting a perfect read curve the rest of the way to 16x. Doesn’t matter what disc, it always does it, and it’s always exactly between 12 and 13x this happens.

The same discs rip up to 16x no problem in my benq1625 and nec3500 (the nec is even in the same computer, so it’s not a PC problem). I’ve tried CSOM, CSOP, and even BYX4 firmwares with same result. Very strange problem, the drive obviously can rip +R fast and be stable, so why 12-13x do I get this problem??

Anyone else have this issue with this drive? And did you find a solution?

Very strange, I went to the BSOS fw, and this problem disappeared. Gets up to slightly above 16x and gets a straight line all the way. Seems like if I flash it with one of the 1653s fw (tried 3 different ones) I get the problem. I did the eeprom reset for learnt media too, don’t think that helps for anything but writing though.

You people flashing your 1633s to 1653s, are you ONLY looking at writing quality by crossflashing? I can’t be the only one noticing this am I? Maybe these 1653s fw help for writing, but should I stick with BSOS if I’m just using it as a reader?

Also, I see a few posts about BSOS which aren’t so good, mostly for writing though. I may want to burn with this drive occasionally, do I have to chose between good reading (1633s fw) and good writing (1653s fw)??

For the writing issue I can’t help you cause I don’t use it for that, although I have made some trials which turned out perfect with CS0P.
For the writing issue, BS0S is not so bad up to 6X. The reason I turned to CS0P is just for writing speed. With CS0P you may get a good burn up to 12X, when with BS0S passing 8x very often ends up with a coaster.

So are you saying with CSOP, you can read +R SL all the way to 16x with a straight line, no speed drops with these trial tests you did?? I assume your first sentence you meant to say “For the READING issue” right? Hmmm, wonder why my drive reads perfect with BSOS, but not with any of the 1653s fw?? With pressed DL I don’t see the problem cause the drive only reaches under 12x for that anyway.

But I did several tests on several discs and it’s constant, 1653s fw- always this problem. With 1633s fw, NEVER the problem. I have very well burnt discs and BSOS reads them very nice. Any other shared experiences with this would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

yes exept with media such as ritek, cmcmag … With those I get a drop at around 10X

looks like I lied to you…
I jsut checked again and I get the same drop at 12X…
The last time I did a read bench with this drive was with a previous FW (CSTJ or CS0M i d’ont remenber) and I never noticed this drop …
sorry, at least it shows that there is nothing wrong with your drive.

OK well then thank you very much for testing that bichonn! :slight_smile:
I guess then I’ll stay with BSOS, I may never burn with this drive anyway. I see no reason to go with CSOP if it will lessen the reading stability.

Maybe anyone using this drive for reading only, should consider not going with one of these 1653 fw. At least anyone picky like me :slight_smile: I’m sure these speed drops won’t make rips take much longer really, but I demand the best of my hardware, and I know some others are the same. I don’t feel good about a drive struggling to read.

The reading speed issue has been well documented before in the OP thread. It affect +R media no matter the burn quality, is a problem with the patch code that hasn’t been fixed. This problem only appeared when patching recent f.w.