About Teac CD-540E

It is true, that this cd-rom can read atip?

not sure but when this drive was at my place i cant run SF protected cycling manager burned on CD-R. When i to asked SF support they replay was something like:
…you’v used CD-R media for start this game so we cant help you…
From this i decided that they somehow know that i have an ATIP on my disc…

The way SF3 works (I think): It reads the factory code that is pressed into the disk when it is made. A home CDR drive cannot reproduce this so therefore is lost in the copying process. In theory no CD/DVD-ROM drive can read ATIP 'cos it dont need to. Only CD/DVD-RWs need to. Manufacturers are not going to put into feature nothing will use. People have started pick SF3 using USB drives and emulation but making a ‘1:1’ is along way off (or impossible).


im simple words SF check for ATIP present on disc, if fined one SF thinks that its an recordable media, and refuse to start game