? about takeing several videos and making dvd

Hello, I am looking for a program that is easy to use and will take several videos, so i can burn them to a dvd, and is easy to make the meue screen so i can select which show i want to watch. i am wantting to make a seasone dvd of a show, i have the shows, but i dont know how to make the dvd so i can select which of the shows i want to watch. if i just burn them to a dvd then they will just run togeither. and incase you cant tell i am very new to this. Yea i would love a programe that would grow with me so that i can edit stuff like put the name of the show in and all. is their such a thing thanks ahead for any help you all may give.

If you have the files as MPEG2 versions then try the freeware DVD Styler from here:


To check whether the files are MPEG2, download Gspot from here, start it up and drop one of the files on it. Then look in the highlighted area shown below:

If you have NERO, ROXIO or even Window’s Movie Maker will do what you want. All of them can create simple menus to navigate DVD.

You may also want to look at Avi2Dvd It’s free so the only thing you lose is time DLing it.