About SONY DW-P50A

I have an nx7000 with the Sony DW-P50A, and it works fine
execpt that i cant burn DVD+RW…is it a firmware problem?

please help me…:confused:

This Sony drive will not recognise 1-4X DRV+RW media, but will work with media branded as 1-2.4X ok. It appears that the firmware in this drive needs updating to include the newer media.
Unfortunately this is an OEM drive and Sony don’t even officially recognise its existence. I believe that HP is aware of the problem and we can only hope that a firmware fix is forthcoming as 1-2.4X speed +RW media is becoming increasingly harder to find. If you look on Sony’s web site you will see a firmware update to fix this same problem for the DW-U50A which is fitted to Sony’s own notebooks. I would suggest that you pester HP Tech Support until a fix is forthcoming I know that I will.

Hello !
I stumbled upon this thread as i am having trouble with writing 1-4x +RW.
There is a new firmware that is supposed to fix this silly problem.


i have downloaded and installed the firmware, but i am still having trouble with writing on my fujifilm 1-4x DVD+RW.

Has anyone had better luck ??

Neat, it’s an official firmware now, thanks!

There are other results from people who used this firmware here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=78628