About sheeps

I’ve heard lately the definition : no-sheep burner and one or two-sheep burner.

What does that mean?
I own a Yamaha 2100e , is it a no-sheep burner or not?

The Yammy 2100E is a no-sheep burner.
The sheep-system works this way:
2 sheep = Drive writes regular bit patterns correctly.
1 sheep = Drive writes regular bit patterns almost correctly.
0 sheep = Drive does not write regular bit patterns correctly.

2-sheep drives does not need AWS (most of the time), 1 sheepers needs AWS often and 0 sheepers often can’t backup even with AWS enabled.

All this sheep-thinking is going to change with the coming version of CloneCD, with it’s new improved AWS system, even 0-sheep-burners can make succesfull copys of new titles. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info Mr. Airhead :slight_smile:

Is there a specific burning software program that works better for no-sheep burners (except Clone CD ?


try GameJack 2 from www.gamejack.org



There are some other options besides CloneCD when it comes to backing up SD protected games.

BlindWrite is one of them, a very good SafeDisc reader which comes with its own version of AWS called Enhance Weak Sectors. There is also CDMate and a few others that will probably do the job for you. Don;t know if they will work better for you copmpared to CCD (i doubt they will be better than the new CCD version though :wink: )

You’ll have to try them yourself and make up your mind. I suggest BlindWrite (you can read the BW review here. )

Thanks everyone
I guess i’ll have to try all these programs to see which one works better with my burner.

Airhead: Some no-sheep burner write more patterns correctly than some two-sheep burner.
Sheep do not indicate how many regular patterns can be written, but which ones, and especially am I sure that almost no 2-sheep burner writes all regular patterns correctly.

I recommend you to run the 3-sheep test in CloneCD forum on your drives :wink: