About SD-R6372 speed?

Hi All,
I am new to this room. I have a question about burning speed of my Toshiba SD-R6372. My drive has specs.

  • DVD-R (Ver 2.1) (Write): 2x CLV, 2x/4x ZCLV
  • DVD-RW (Ver 1.1) (Write): 1x/2x CLV
  • DVD+R (Write): 2.4x CLV, 2x/4x ZCLV
  • DVD+RW (Write): 2.4 CLV
    I have burned some 4x DVD-R and it’s only burned at 2x CLV, not 4x ZCLV so I would like to ask how to enable ZCLV or any way to use ZCLV?
    Thank you and I appreciate for your replies.

I’m sure you mean SD-R5372 :wink:
Update your firmware, a new firmware was just released that supports 16x DVD-R.
As far as your “4x DVD-R” is concerned, please post the MID code so that we can have a look at it.

Thanks for your reply.
My drive is actually SD-R6372, slim drive for laptop, not for desktop as you say R5372.

My mistake!
Did you update the firmware and try again?

Updated to latest firmware but nothing change!

There are many explanation for this behaviour: maybe the hdd is too fragmented to supply to bit-stream to the writer, maybe the media used is not recognised adequately by the unit or there is a speed limitation when working on batteries… try with powercord connected to AC.

Does anyone have a solution for this problem? I have exactly the same problem… it pisses me off… make me wanna drop the damn laptop from the 10th floor!!!


Please help.

Discs supported at lower speeds is a firmware problem!
Toshiba is slacking on the correct supported media speeds for this drive. :frowning:
You can only hope that a future firmware will better support more media at the correct speeds.

Hi Wesociety.

I just had this email from Toshiba customer support:

As I have written you at the moment the technical limitations of the SD-R6372 don`t allow to record 16x DVD media.
We have no informations if and when a new firmware version will be available to overcome these limitations.

Hmmm… I hope they wake up some time and listen to their customers.