About Safedisc Hybrid

In a previous post of Futureproof I read:

A tweaked version of SD1.
The clockspl.exe (cd in jail icon) is not on the disk (as usual for SD1) but the dlls are there (clcd16.dll and clcd32.dll).
There is a strange 00000001.LT1 (like the 00000001.tmp of SD2)
Less defective sectors too (range is only 809-1527 on CD1.).

This copy protection is called Safedisc LT, it is detected by Clonyxxl simply as safedisc, and by Yaps as Safedisc-variant; I can tell it for sure because I found this name in READ ME file of the Microsoft game “Bicycle Board Game”.
The .icd file has been replaced by .eul file.