About safedisc 2

Those how have experience about copying safedisc 2 protected games! so, Is problem when copying SD2 the burner or reader???

If it is reader can you tell me what you use! Is they are cheap then I can buy one!!! :wink:

the writer is the problem…i think…
I’m not sure…some cd copiers makes a good image file…
but few had succeeded burning it into a usable cd.
they say philips writers can do the job…

Yes philips can do it aand plextors too with the right firmware

yuppers…i use plextor firmware version 1.04 and it work just ifne for me … :slight_smile:

if you wanna copy SD2 with plex 1210A,
You need the right machine, too.
People are having a hard time downgrading the firmware to 1.04…So you need a plexwrite1210A with a TLA# under 0202…TLA# 0202 are manufactured around Dec. 2000…not sure though…So if your buying a plex to copy SD2, you better check the TLA#s…I just bought one by pure luck^^ I had to call place to place to check on the TLA, but not many sellers know about this. It took about a week or so for me…

I have a Plex 1210A TLA#000 and i can downgrade, and still the copies only work in the burner or in my TEAC burner, no matter if Firmware 1.00 or 1.08. There are many people on the boards everywhere who report the same, only very few report actual success with copies working everywhere after downgrade. Thank god i have an old Philips PCRW404K too which makes perfect copies of SD2.


Indeed the presumption “TLA# under 0202 will work” is not correct. There are also TLA# that do not allow SubChannel Data reading like for instance TLA#0101. Don’t get these mixed-up! I myself have TLA#0303 but unfortunatelly I do not have a SD2 game to test it with :frowning:

i have TLA# 0202 and can copy sd2 games with no probs.

Sorry but what about PLEXTOR 8432??Which firmware should I use??I used 1.07(the…standart)and 1.09 but…I got a nice cd-image but AND A PERFECT BUFFER OVERRUN!!!Why???Does anyone have it?

Is the TLA# number on the box or just on the burner unit?

Sorry but…remind me where to look for the TLA# number?

Originally posted by syblegma
Sorry but…remind me where to look for the TLA# number?

On top of your drive! :wink:

Got a TLA#0307 and burnin’ SD2 alright using fw1.07!! The only thing is that the cd can’t be used in my Plex! :frowning: Only readers that can’t read as good as a Plex! So a normal cd-rom will do fine for me!
Don’t copy games that much anymore though! :wink: