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On Average how long does it take to rip a 2hr DVD? Obviously it differs according to your computer but does software also play a role? :confused:

I have 1gig of ram with a athlon 3400+

What do you think vets? :bigsmile:


I use anydvd and nero so I rip and compress in one step. It takes me about 8-30 minutes depending on the level of compression required. If you are just ripping, I think it is mostlly dependant on how fast your burner/dvd rom can read. Your computer is defanatlly not holding you back (based on the specs you gave) so if you want faster ripping speeds, get a high speed dvd-rom like an aopen 1648. I also recently found out that the benq 1620 is about as fast with hacked firmware (I think you need hacked firmware for the 1648 too) if you want a burner that can rip fast.


Also a lot depends on the condition of the disc being ripped. Discs in less than mint condition can usually be ripped without errors but the ripping programs usually slow down significantly when doing so.


Exelent point. I have had a disk take over an hour trying to rip it with iso buster and had one take about 45 minutes with dvd decryptor. Scratched disks can take a lot longer, sometimes, even if the scratches are pretty fine.


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Thats very good news cause in all honesty I was expecting you guys to say 12hrs or more! LOL :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

I have a BenQ 1620â€Ķi think

Thanks for the responses guys :iagree: :iagree: