About Riplock

I have just flashed my nec 3520 with the 1.u8 firmware… Somebody told me that it improves the way of burning (cav instead of z-clc)… is it true?

What about riplock?

I know than riplock enabled means less noise, disabled more noise… like have an ufo in your bedroom… :bigsmile:
But what about ripping quality? With riplock disable or enabled is there any difference in quality? (i mean enabled more quality ‘cause ripping’ s slow or not?)

another question… I’m trying to burn a dvd video already burned by another recorder (last lg). When i watch the film on my home dvd palyer (samsung with divx too) all it’s ok… but when I play my burned once it stops at the 34 th minutes for some seconds… than restarts… I tried 3 dvds= same result! (if i watched my dvd on the pc id doesn’t stop!)

I’m using verbatim super azo dvd +r 16x certified and burning at 16x with clone dvd 2 (nero recode 2 same result). What’s my mistake?

  1. no matter what the firmware your drive does cav only for 16x. z clv 12x 8x 6x clv 4x check reviews if you want further info

  2. for riplock read the BIG NEC FAQ

  3. not sure what exactly you are saying on the burnt discs. please use nero cd/dvd speed and post a transfer rate test. this will give us some info on the quality of the burn