About Removing DVD Protection with DVD Decrypter



I am new to all this DVD technology thing, i just bought a Sony DVD RW DW-U18A
Anyway, after spending hours learning the enough to just start,i mean RTFM & STFW (there are so many guides out there that it is quite confusing to know where to begin with :confused: ), i couldn`t find an answer to my question, which is probably a dumb one to you all cd-freaks
but here it goes anyway:
If i remove the DVD protection using DVD Decrypter, will it remove it from the original DVD?

Thank You for your time and patience.

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Ps: by the way, please dont :cop: me about being a criminal :eek:, it is just a question! i am making backups of "my" DVDs , :cool: Just Kidding :slight_smile:


No it won’t alter your original. It will just remove it from the “ripped” files it writes to your harddrive.


Thanks a lot PChilson


but if you burn that rip to a dvd-+/-r, that burned disk is protection free. Macrovision, region setting…yadda yadda. :slight_smile:

Your original “owned” dvd cannot be modified…:slight_smile:


comercial disks can be written on, so there is no way it could modify the protetion :slight_smile: