? about reburning

I was just wondering if the movies that I have burned and saved on my computer if I can reburn them or do I have to redo the whole process. How do I go about reburning these movies if I can. Thanks for the replies.

If you have them on your PC,then yes just burn away,no need to redo whole process…
Try with IMGBurn…

What did you use to burn them?

Depends on the format it was saved to on your computer and what software was used to create the image. But as t0nee1 said you can just used the same image you created as long as it is not corrupted or error free then by all means use the same image.

I have a folder on my desk top that I put the movies I burn in. I take these movies from my hard drive not my documents and I move them to my movie folder… I burned the movie surfs up for a nephew and I tried to burn another for another nephew but all the files were burned to the disk not the movie. What did I do wrong…

As tOnee1 suggested use Imgburn-in build mode make an iso and burn that.

What you have done is burnt the files as data, So what you see in the folder on your HD is what you are going to see on the disk.

So if your files are in the form of Vob,Ifo and Bup then you can do this if you have Nero.

Animated guide using nero

Link: http://www.dvdshrink.info/nero-video.php

Or as stated before this

ImgBurn Build mode guide.

Link: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=1778

Once the Iso is complete, Use Imgburn and write image to disk.

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