About Ready to give up burning -R discs with

I have tried many -R discs and I never get good results with my 812. I got some Taiyo Yuden 4X -R discs and unfortunately they are no better. It looks I am going to have to get a different drive to use my -R discs with. Here is my latest -R burn. I have tried all sorts of firmwares up to USON. This was the first try with VS05 832 firmware. I give up. I am done wasting good media on this drive.


That’s a bit…well…insane. My first burn ever with my 812s was a -R, PI didn’t go over 150 and PIF didn’t go over 5 in Kprobe. Was the -R that came in the Lite-On retail box. The disc was for a friend or I’d scan it again and post a shot of it.

Was using VS04 at the time.

Try switching to the TYG02 strategy and see if that helps.