About putting 2 dvd movies on 1 cd



ok so i wanna put 2 movies on 1 dvd.
but the thing is…there are 2 same files(vob) and it i can’t overwrite the other 1.
so would it be ok if i change the name or what should i do? :confused:


No, you can’t just take two vobs on a DVD and expect that it is a compliant DVD. You will have to author the DVD. Two possibilities:

  1. use an authoring program that can import VOBs (e.g. DVDlab or TMPGEnc DVD Author)
  2. extract the MPEG streams from the VOBs (e.g. Ulead DVDMovieFactory can do that) and create a DVD with any authoring program.


I agree.
DVD Lab is the answer.
If the 2 movies are short, maybe also (1) importing from a VOB the DVD movies will go (like multiple episodes of a TV series in a DVD). Otherwise (2) you’ll need to create 2 (S)VCD movies from those VOBs and ‘author’ them into a brand new DVD.

  1. Use TMPGEnc DVD Author
    a. Add a second track (actually is a “space” for a new set of vob’s)
    b. Author as needed (menus, tracks, whatever) and make it pretty!!!
    c. Click Ignore when TMPGEnc warns of filesize exceeding the 4.7gb limit

  2. Use DVD Shrink to compress to the proper size (set custom size and make it under 4400mb so u don’t come to close to the edge of the dvd

  3. Use your favorite burning program (I like Elaborate Bytes: CloneDVD)

    I have crammed many a DVD with this goodness. I have a few dvd’s with two movies on them and the quality is more than acceptable.