About Plextor and Clonecd..!

:frowning: This is my problem and I want to know if anyone else has it too.When I use my 8432 PLEXTOR burner with Winoncd everthing is perfect BUT not the protected cds(On the fly too for data cds!!).So I installed Clonecd which is the best(??)and I get buffer overrun!!!How is this happening??And why???PLEASE!!HELP!!

(I`ve put my hardware list in hardware forum in what hardware do you got?)

if you ask me, you can’t get a buffer overrun, unless you set these options on

wait until buffers are full
how much buffer have you set in the settings? did you leave ? or have you been experimentating with it?

I have never heard of a buffer overrun…

But set your writingspeed to the max, maybe it will help…


ReBoQ :cool:

Huuh…guys thousands sorrys!!!:rolleyes:
I mean…buffer UNDERrun…!Sorry for this.With help of G@M3FR3@K and one other guy(thanks again)I set the buffer at 11,92 MB and speed at 4x or 6x and everything were ok!My problem might be my HD.Is a WD Caviar 13.6GB but its working at UDMA 33 cause of my M/B(Abit BH6).Anyway…I guess I could buy a new one.But all SD2 protected cds need a patch to play.Pitty…because is a half-perfect copy right?
Thank you for your support !!!