About OpenDNS



I have been reading about Open DNS on their own site, and thought it would be good using it. But I have a couple of questions:
The servers are all located in the US(except for one in the UK). I am in India, so will it be useful for me?
Does using it cost more bandwidth?
Your response is appreciated!


The only thing OpenDNS does is resolve every domain name (like google.com) to the ip adress. Your ISP does that as well. It’s not really faster than your own ISP.

The advantage of OpenDNS is that you can see statistics, use other shortcuts and protect certain people from certain websites. If you don’t have to use the advantages, it’s no use using OpenDNS.



There is a plannned server for India.

Google Namebench


This can test the performance of your current ISP DNS, versus a number of popular public DNS servers, including opendns and google DNS.

Why would you choose OpenDNS?

  1. Your ISP dns is unreliable or slow
  2. You want the filtering options

To be honest, if your ISP techs know their job, and are not being made to stretch hardware that really isn’t up to the task, your ISP DNS should beat everything else, as it’s so much closer.