About nvidia Drivers

Hi i was wondering if there is any brand new proper full version drivers around as on nvidias site the latest full version is 41.09 and i was wondering if they have made updated full version drivers and just havnt updated their site???

A little request… please mind your English a little, since it’s quite hard to read as you don’t use any marks like “.”, “,” etc…

An answer to your question: Yes, there are more drivers (I guess you are talking about Detonator drivers, not NForcex drivers) available and WHQL certified than there are on the site. The drivers on the site are WHQL certified, but not suited for all cards. Often other driver versions are released that bring more performance or bug fixed for e.g. the Quadro series. Sometimes these drivers are only delivered to OEMs, such as Dell.

By “hacking” these driver, they often can be used for most other NVidia cards. Problem is, that these drivers are not certified for these cards, so you never know what will happen.

It could be that these drivers mess up your system, slow it down or even make games displayed incorrectly. On the other hand, they can boost your performance, as well fix problems you experience.

A good site for those drivers is www.guru3d.com. Be sure to check it every 2~3 days, of you’re intrested…
On their forums, there are tons of poeple discussing their experiences with certain drivers. This is quite a good knowledge base on Detonator drivers…



Thanks, bout time nvidia got off their butt and decided to update their drivers hehe