About next LG/BenQ burners




I’m french, and I’d like to ask you if you have any news about the upcoming burners from BenQ or LG. I am about to buy a burner for my notebook, since the one I have right now is quite annoying ;Toshiba SD-R6372 -> all media 8x are burnt in 2x …

So i saw the LG GSA 5163D which seems very good and not that expensive (about 100€, while a nec 3540 and an enclosure would cost pretty much the same (given the enclosure is compatible …)), but read about LG 5165 or BenQ 1640. Since I can wait a bit, I wanted to know if there are any news.



Hi :slight_smile:
Personally unless you want ram facility forget LG drive it’s good but not when compared to the Nec or BenQ
For some info on the 3540a try

For the 1640 try


Well I didn’t know about the one from cpluse.

Just one question then, is there anyone from France or nearby countries who knows about a good external enclosure. I read the post about it, but none of those given are available here.

The only ones I found which had some kind of brand were (all combo FW/USB2):

  • Zynet CD-R3-U2FW
  • TTGI ME-340U2F
  • Advance BX-COMBO5
  • Icy Box IB-550UE-BL (the only I think is good but …)
  • Sarotech MyBOX
  • SNT ST-2312C
  • Mapower Y51C1 (genesys chip, don’t know about it)

Thing is I don’t know about the chip they use, otherwise I think I would already have bought a Nec 3540 and an enclosure (since BenQ DW1640 isn’t available here, and Plex 740 is a bit expensive).