About NEC-3520 poor perfomance as reader


I bought a NEC-3520 two weeks ago and I’m happy with the drive writing performace.

Reading is a constant problem:

  • Sometimes I can access a file on a DVD and sometimes I can’t copy it to HDD (most of times) <-- DVDs burnt using NEC-3520 and one burnt by NEC 2510.

  • Nero cannot verify its own burnt DVDs.

I think this is related to media: MCC 002 from bulkpaq, not original from Verbatim.
Using Prodisc S04 and Ritek G04 seems to work (but I have just tried only one copy)

  • I have tried some already burnt DVDs with a BTC-1004 and can’t read some.
    The media isn’t very good (Ritek G04 and Prodisc R02), but it has passed CRC verification in my BTC-1004 and in a Toshiba 1612.

I have tried another IDE cable and even another new 3520.
From my experience, reading seems to be the same using original FW (1.04), Liggy & Dee B2 or B3.

Then, my questions are:

Do you have so much problems reading ‘cheap’ media?
Do you have so much problems reading media from previous writers?

A FW update can improve reading? Then, which FW would you advice?

Which is better as reader, a 3500 or 3520 drive?
I’m thinking about change my 3520 for a 3500. Is it worthwhile?

Any suggestion is welcome.
Thank you in advance!

In my opinion, the ND-3500 is the better writer and reader at the moment, but its early days for the ND-3520, it will get better. :wink:
The ND-3500 wasn’t that fantastic when it first came out.

So you think “golden age” of ND-3520 is yet to come?

Do you believe 3520 can be at least as good as 3500 in a near future?

I hope NEC people kees improving FW …

And I want to thank Liggy & Dee their FW modifications.
They make our lives easier… or not?? (just joking :wink: )