About micro torrent

my server allows me to download for free in between 2 a.m to 8 a.m.and i am using micro torrent software to download the movies.is there any possibility that i set the time by adding the torrent file on micro torrent, so that the download begins at 2 a.m while am on deep sleep.i tried searching for this option in micro-torrent, but didnt arrive at any…
can anyone please advise and solve my issue?:sad:
thanks and regards

Use the built-in scheduler

utorrent has a built in scheduler. im not really sure why you want to do that though…:stuck_out_tongue:

forgot to also mention that the windows task scheduler is a very good utility for this, just add a new task, select a time, and select a program/script to run. :iagree: if you need to stop it at a certain time, you should make an auto shutdown script.