About Merging AVI files



Looking for a program that can merge varous video files with out recompression or quality loss, just want to sync them…

Rite now im looking for one that can merge 2 avi, that are the exact resolution and codec…


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What do you mean by “merge”?


What’s in the .avi container? We need to know.


Such a program doesnt exist, and will never.

But check out videohelp.com/tools for more info.


hmm, okay,

By merge, I mean play one right after the other, its a short surf movie I made and I have have different clips from different cameras…


In Virtualdub its called Append. Look at this guide: http://www.afterdawn.com/guides/archive/virtualdub_join_avi.cfm


exactly what I was looking for, thanks Kerry…


with out recompression or quality loss

That made me come to the conclusion above.