About MDA media, good or bad?

I’m from portugal and I have an benq DW822a i wonder if you can help me choosing good media DVD-R and DVD+R for me recorder…

I tried MDA (price 0.45€)(hong kong brand, “www.mda.com.hk”), on dvdinfro (AN31) with no problems, and on nero cd speed 3 quality test a score of 92 points.

MDA DVD+R media (0.65€) (dvdinfo (VDSP…)) on nero cd speed 3 score of 99 points (jitter below 10% and PI average 8)

and i tested PrimeDisc DVD-R media brand (dvdinfo RITEK03) with very good results too (best than MDA DVD-R)…
i hope you can tell me about the quality of this media (all above) and other that you think are the best for my benq!!
thanks!! you are the best!!! :bow:


Usually AN31 media and VDSPSAB media is total crap, but I know they’re cheap in Portugal. After all Jose Manuel Barroso didn’t made us Portuguese any richer :stuck_out_tongue: Just European Football Champs (Greece didn’t play football :a )!!

But the 822a can make it quite readable, since Philips/BenQ seem to make excellent burns even with crappy media. But if you need to make durable quality burns, Primedisc/Ridata (Ritek G03/G04/R03), Verbatim (MCC) and TDK/Memorex (CMC.MAG.AF1) are very good and you can find it for less than 30€ a 25-spindle.

Happy burns!