? about MadDog 2510 OEM firmware 2.f9

Does this firmware include support for the Ritek D01 +R DL discs? If not what firmware for the 2500/2510 would have support for this media? Thanks for your help.

Yes it does support it. For the very latest, I would suggest Liggy’s 205C with bitsetting or even Dee’s 2A5C which is Liggy’s plus some media speed ups.

Ok thanks I will have to check that out.

what is the difference in the 3 firmwares. (normal, fast, and Rpc1)

Original is self-explanatory.
Fast is Original + RipLock removed (RipLock slows reading when CSS protection is used).
RPC1 is Fast + Region-Free (still requires software to be region-free).

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