About M.Os

Hi I am new here. I wanted to ask if somebody knows something about Magneto Opticak disks? I have those with an Iomega burne and I was wandering if there is any way to read music from it and if there is some portable device that can do it (I’m not talking about regular MiniDisc walkman)?


I’m not clear as to what you are asking. You have some MO disks and a Iomega MO burner/reader? Or do you just have the disks? If you have an MO burner is it USB or an internal one? MO disks have never been that popular here in the US and the drives are fairly expensive. If you have the drive in a PC it should show up as a regular hard drive and you can transfer the music file anyway you like.

I have the disks and the burner( not usb). I was just wandering if there is some device that can play them like MiniDiscs and play music. Because I have some and I don’t use them and I just thought that if it’s like a MiniDisc maybe there is some way to play music from it ? Maybe play on the go.

sorry the drive is usb

I’ve never heard of a portable device like you are asking about, but that doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist. If they do make them it might be for the Asian market where MO is still widely used. I suggest using google to see what you can find. Good luck.

MO is more for data backup. Get yourself a cheap MP3 player