About kprobe and high error with RICOH media 4x 8ECC



I know this has been beating to death for so many times. But it does not seem we can conclude what is the deal of some media reporting higher error than other. I hope this thread won’t be considered such a waste of space here though.

First, i tried scan at 4x 8ECC on RICOHJPN-R00 i burned at 4x (i know, i patched the HS0P to allow 4x on this)

Result is here:


then, i rescan the same disc at MAX. The result is like everyone lower number of PIPO.


Then, i burned another RICOHJPN-R00 disc using NEC 1300A, and rescan at 4x 8ECC. And the result is much better. (actually, i burned couple more on that same drive, results are pretty much similar to this)


What I think of these result is that 811s do not have problem reading all RICOH discs at 4x speed. At least, that same drive can read one RICOH discs burned on different burner fine. Problem must be due to the burning quality of that first disc.

My guess is that the errors came down to problem with tracking the discs. If you notice that when you lock 4x scan, the drive start scanning at 4x. But compared with Max or 2x scan, the drive will start scanning at 2x. One possibility is that at 4x speed, 811s have problem reading/tracking inner portion of discs that is burned poorly. And that also caused subsequent error as disc reading progress. In this case, discs burned from 811s. Maybe burning strategy of these media in 811 is to blame.

Some other models/drives may report errors differently. Due to the fact that 2 different models/drives may have different reading strategy (perse), problem can be seen more serious than other. This same disc i have problem probably give me a better result on a 411s like most people saw. But we know that at least on 811s, it does have problem reading at 4x. I’m not saying that the disc i burned in 811s will have problem in a set-top. Actually that disc plays fine on my player.

In mean time, i’ll continue burn all my RICOH discs on the NEC. From the results i saw, at least it’s more reliable than 811 at the moment.

Sorry if this thread turns out to be such a waste.


This is not a wasted thread. I have the same problem and have noticed the same exact thing. Some people get awesome scans while some don’t. I have wasted about 50 DVD+r’s trying to figure this out. I even went and exchaged my 811s today for a new one. I upgraded fron HS06 to HSOP and WOW the errors are like Crazy. They all look like crap towards the end. MY NEC2500 also burns them great, so i don’t know what to do.



I don’t blame the disc or the 811 using Kprobe. I think its the 811 burning the disc. Some ppls drives just arent doing a good job burning these disc. I now have a Benq 800a and the scans are like night and day compared to the 811. Even disc burned at 8x with the Benq are 3 times lower than a disc burned at 4x with the 811.


This seems to happen mostly on DVD+R discs written with Lite-On drives, discs written by other drives rarely have this problem.

BUT if I scan the same disc in a LDW-411S with firmware FS07 there is again no problem. Strange? -yeah.

So it seems to be a writing problem in combiantion with a reading problem in some firmware version/with some drive types.