About joliet names

i was wondering, from what i understand, when an error in burning occurs due to joliet names, it means having filenames that are too long right? but the thing is, i have over a hundred filenames in the folder i want to burn, how will i know which files are causing the error? is there a way to detect these files? i made a search on google and came across this site, wherein a member here also had the same problem. this is what she said.

Actually I could find the file which was too long (in the favorites if I remember well…).
Actually the system the joliet system shows only the 8 first letters, so I finally found which files it was and could rename them so that they were shorter.
What I still don’t understand is why there is problem with joliet names even when that option is unchecked…
So it is really coming from the length of the name - more than 128 (or 64?) letters or something like that… it is often in favorites names as there you often don’t choose the name as it is directly given by the website builder.

but this explanation made me even dizzier. favorites? where can i see that? pls help me. my hdd crashed and i almost lost these files, im really desperate to backup these as im afraid i might lose them again.:doh: