About "Italian: Chat" subforum


I noticed that many posts in the language dependant Italian: Chat
are explicitily violating forum rules about warez, piracy, etc., and that neither
those posts are deleted, nor the posters are warned about what they are

I hope that some moderator will take care of that in the future…

Thanks for your attention,

eltranquil (from Italy, of course :wink: )

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
The trouble is, the entire senior admin staff does not speak Italian, so it is very hard for us to closely monitor this forum.

We’ll have to think about how to best handle this.

You are welcome, thanks for answering me. :slight_smile:

I can imagine your difficulties, I tried to browse the dutch chats! :rolleyes:

Looking into some posts I found a moderator Marco76, he is italian.
Anyway, his last post is dated December 15, 2003…
oh, you were talking of senior admins, now I realized that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Best regards, :slight_smile:


Some time ago, moderators on the Italian forum existed. Now they aren’t anymore. Did the CDFreaks administration remove the admin rights ?

The trouble is, the entire senior admin staff does not speak Italian

Gotta be the best excuse ive ever heard!

Tax, are you looking for someone to be a mod in that subforum? I can recommend eltranquil. I know him virtually in the plex forum and his a OK. :iagree:

ugh. i remember the saga between the italian chat and the rest of the board.

ended up becoming www.cdfreaks.it or something…

good ole days.

Another thread asking for warez (Twilight CDs) appeared… already spotted to admins… :sad:

My personal opinion is to close the Italian: Chat


Deleted thread.

Who became this?

Sito in manutenzione

Good to see you to be the newest Italian forum moderator, eltranquil. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Kenny! :slight_smile: