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Hey guys, recently I have been backing up some dvds I own with DVD Shrink… then mounting them to Alcohol 120 to watch…

For some reason only real dvds will mount and succesfully play…

Dvds that I have created in Windows Movie Maker will mount but wont play?

Recently I downloaded Anydvd and my personal dvds play, but why couldent they play without anydvd?


My advice is to use AnyDVD in the background and let it do the work of breaking encryption for you. You can then use DVDShrink to make the ISO’s and this should work.


What version of Windows are you using, what versions of DVD Shrink, Alcohol, and AnyDVD are you using, and what media are you using to burn your self-created DVDs?


Running Vista 64bit… and all the latest updates of the software described above…

Ill try what what Kerry said… thanks guys…

Ill update in a bit…


Still same issues, the dvdshrink creates an iso that will mount and only play if anydvd is running… which is fine I guess

I just created a backup mds image of my dvd using alcohol 120 and that mounts and plays fine without anydvd running…

I just wonder why the dvdshrink iso will mount but not play without anydvd running?


Got me. That should have worked.

You can also make the ISO’s with DVDDecrypter (using AnyDVD in the background to break the encryption). Or you can use DVDFab HD Decrypter (without AnyDVD!!), and use it to make ISO"s.

To burn the ISO’s to a disk use ImgBurn, which is a free burning program. If the ISO is too large to fit onto a single layer dvd you may have to use a dual layer disk. ImgBurn is a very good choice for burning to dual layer since it will set the layer break correctly.


Thanks… figured it all out… : )


good…care to explain what the problem was?



The ISO files created by dvdshink and dvdfab were not compatible with alcohol 120 (since they were my own custom dvds created in Windows movie maker)

Both dvd decrypter and alcohol 120 worked successfully without anydvd running beacause of the mds files they create…

When I mount the iso, I need anydvd, when I mount the mds of the iso I dont…


Think I have all the programs to do what I need to do now huh??? : )