About Hardware Freaks



Hello everybody.

As you may have noticed, hardware freaks has not been going on quite for a while. I'd like to apologize for the inconvenience: that's because we're having some problems and, as we are just two people, we need someone else to join the cdfreaks crew.

- If you think you're a smart dude (yeah you need it!)
- If you got great experience and knowledge around IT
- If you simply are a good willing person who writes pretty well

Feel free to contact us to become an active member of CDFreaks.

You can directly answer here posting a reply or write me at Lor3nzo@tin.it in English or Italian.

Thank you,


I might be interested, however I do want to know how much time it will take. I’m still at university so I don’t have all day

I have an affiliation with hardware, I think I know pretty much, or at least a lot more then “your average guy”
I am a hardware/application manager at a school to earn some money to fund my college period

And my language usage, I think, is pretty good.



I would like some more info as well…ie. how much time per week. I think I’m pretty smart, I assemble computers for fun, and my language (English that is) should be up to par considering that is my native tongue.



Well… I really understand your problem: I study in a highschool in Italy, and I always have to pay attention to time.

Anyway, what I ask you, would just be to always do your best: I am one of those who think that it’s not important what you do, but HOW you do it.

This is the reason why we should be more than just two people: everyone has got his problems around time, so we could even update the site with only an article every two or three days, but if we are four or five people we could together keep the site updated daily.

It’s not a lot of time I need from you: if you have a good knowledge about English and computers, writing an article would be extremely easy and quick.

Thank you,


Allright, I’m interested. So what am I supposed to do? Do we have to write a trial article or so, so that you can judge our knowledge and our skills or do you take my word for it?



I’ll contact you via email!