About GCC 4520 B FirmWare


this is wat i found
LG GCC-4480B(Combo Drive) Firmware 1.02 pop

i did some research on 4520b and found out that 4520 B can also use the 4480’s Firmware in order to update.
can any1 comfirm me that this is true. … cos i found some post saying that after he has upgraded the firmware. his combo ( 4520), from 1.00 - 1.01 , is no longer properly working as it used to be.

btw, i tried to find the pure Firmware of 4520 thru LG website, and still couldn’t find any. can anyone suggest me a good place to go and get one?


LG has dozens of sites world wide, did you try the Korean site?
The link to 1.01 here http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?download_id=1697 is from the Korean site.

The 4480 and 4520 are the same drive, though we’d expect you’d have a lot of fun trying to cross flash them. The 4481/4521 are very different beasts.

Brother Vlad

i’ve heard that the 1.01 one has problem regarding reading speed.
is that true?

Thx for any suggtestion

hello ,

i tried using the firmware that u have suggested me.
however, the cd that i used to be able to boot is no longer working.

initially, b4 i update the firmware, my ghost boot cd stilll working .
but now it not…

any idea"?