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Dear all,

For some reasons, the development of DVDIdle products is paused, and for that, we will provide discount for the customers who bought DVDIdle products, to buy DVDFab. It need some time to implement it in our store, please wait for our news.

For DVDFab, we will continue to add new features and support for new protections.

Best Regards,

That is, certainly, a step forward!. Thanks.


And now he’s gorn all quiet… :eek:


marketing strategy?

yes i agree with you marketing strategy

Just maybe the lifetime of the product is over as that happens to all products, nothing is forever

That’s very possible. If it is the case, I wish he’d say so! That way I can make alternative arrangements.

Rob :a

I agree on that Rob but you never know, look what happened to 321 studio’s, DVD Decrypter, and Ripit4Me and a couple others but I don’t remember there names off hand and some of those authors of those programs can’t even talk about them or why they stopped updating them and had to pull them off the web sites, maybe some kind of legal action, I just don’t know :confused:

Sooner or later you are going to have to make those alternative arrangements. Now, what those arrangements are is completely up to you. IMO if you want Region Free and CSS free software and the best DVD copy software out there, then get DVDFab Platinum. I did and if by chance it’s life is over in a few months, I will have at least have gotten my moneys worth.

For about the cost of a tank of gas your worries will be over.

I’ve certainly had my moneys worth from DVD Region Free! :stuck_out_tongue: But I don’t need all the whistles and bells. All I need is a device to allow me to play R1 DVDs on my PCs R2 DVD player.

Any ideas?


If you don’t want to have to pay for the program over every year or so I would follow the advice from HDFATBOYDOC . I don’t need or use all the whistles and bells either as I just use Fab’s movie back up features to another disk not the cell phone or ipod stuff

Have you considered a FW flash to make player region free. Check out the hardware section of CDFreaks.

I don’t know much about the stuff that DVDFab removes but wouldn’t the free DVDFab HD Decrypter do what you want. I says that it removes (CSS,RC) and (Rce, APS, UOPs and Sony ARccOS) Isn’t the (RC) the region code?

Hey, Ron. It will work but only to a file. Region/CSS Free did it on the fly in realtime.

Hello Jim,

please have a closer look at what this threat is about.

DVDIdle Products are well dead, according to what Fengtao said a while ago. People just wait for answers regarding possibilities to update to the newer products that are developed now and that, hopefully, won’t be dead so soon again.

I have looked at what this thread is about and it continues on from many threads about the same thing which relates to DVD Region & CSS Free, anyway have a nice weekend :slight_smile: Anyway you stated (in post #3 marketing strategy?) Well IMO I don’t think so is why I answered like I did

That’s what I want! I have no need to make duplicate copies.


OK Jim, thanks.