About DVD Ripping

Is that possible that rip only second layer for a DualLayer Disc? If can how can I rip second layer? :bow:

I believe it can be done with a program called ‘Apache 2.0’. You can start your research here: http://www.ps2nfo.com/.
I think people were converting dvd9 games to dvd5, but i’m not not totally sure. Think is something i copied from a forum post at this site: " 1. Use a tool that can view both layers of a DVD-9 image, such as Apache 2.0, to extract both layers to the . (In this case, it is mantadory to use the folder. Under normal circumstances, Apache 2.0 will create the NO_LABEL folder by itself.)
2. Plug the IML file for each disc into dvd iml2iso 4.01, and click Start to build each image.
3. The final size for each ISO image will be as follows:
* Disc 1: 4.31 GiB (4,631,035,904 bytes)
* Disc 2: 4.25 GiB (4,565,893,120 bytes)
4. Record each ISO image to a DVD±R and enjoy. " I was right in that its being done to a game (whose name i deleted) I hope this helps but i have never personally done this.

I just tried Apache - it doesn’t seem to like DVD Movies - I created an ISO using DVDDecrypter and just shutdown again, created an image of an original PS2 game and it read it fine (both as an ISO and directly from the disc) - I know it was specifically designed for PS2.

If we are talking about a DVD movie here - why would you want to specifically read the second layer?

Oh well, i tried :slight_smile:

Actually Apache was my first thought too - but I still can’t think why anyone wants to only read the second layer of a disc (except people backing up DL PS2 games)

Hopefully he will respond because i’m curious now.

thanks I’m try it later. But is that can only extract the second layer & burn in DVD5?

Execute me, can post the Apache program 2 me?

Is this a DVD movie? If so, I still am not sure why you want to only rip the second layer? Do you want to backup the whole DVD onto a DVD5?

Well, it is PS2 DL Game. Sakura Taisen V.

Ah right - that makes a bit more sense - if I were you I would go to http://www.ps2nfo.com/ for all things to do with PS2 games - you can also download apache from there.

OK, thx~

OMG! My account can’t login… & can’t register with yahoo/hotmail mail account already… can post “a program called ‘Apache 2.0’” to me please~ Or can post the site for me?

At last me found! Thx anyway~