About dvd-r DL and layer break [xpost]

Having to find a way to waste about 12 euros :clap: , decided to buy a couple
Verbatim -r dual layer. Burnt one of my favorite movie of the season,
“war of the worlds”. Not too long or high-bitrated indeed, but concerned
about a good audio resolution, I decided to mantain DTS stream beside
everything else. Having heard about layer transition issues with this kind
of new media, I followed carefully the middle part of the burning process: In file mode,
Nero7 premium switched from layer 1 to 2 towards the second half of vts2_3.vob.
Playing thus the vob apart, I had a rough idea of where would have layer break
been positioned…I Watch the initial scene of the 2_3.vob, which is about 14’36’’
long; time position in the movie is from 0:34:50 to 0:49:26, so it’s easy enough
to find the corresponding time. Middle scenes and all the vob 14’ play almost flawlessly,
so where’s the matter? I go ahead playing and, at about the very half of the movie,
i.e. 1:02:40, it starts freezing, making a strange noise that announced nothing good…
I try to locate some scene after that point, no way, practically all the movie after
1:02’ is unplayable. Even if reading some posts I was warned of this, in the end I can
say that somehow accounts don’t balance: how can one locate layer break, according in
particular to hisburnt dvd±r DL? Meanwhile, my only advice is not to buy any -r DL media… :disagree:
Liteon 1693 KS0B - Movie ripped with Dvddecrypter file-mode, burnt with Nero7 Premium @2x
JVC XV-N5 : no disc (disc not recognized)
Philips DV720SA : plays only the 1st layer
LG DR4800 (Dvd recorder) plays almost flawlessly

Nero is known to be buggy with the layer break. You should burn it with dvd decrypter (iso mode). !!!Don’t forget to create an MDS file!!! :wink:

Yeah, [xpost] doesn’t sound good because it’s doublepost aka spamming.

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